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The Trouserless

Have you ever dreamed that you’re trouserless? That people can see you, standing there in all your nakedness?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s an extremely common, but humiliating and uncomfortable nightmare.

It’s widely considered that these dreams come from a subconscious sense of vulnerability. Of being somehow unprotected. But don’t worry, with Craghoppers trousers you’re always protected. So you can sleep like a baby.

Integrated Campaign
for Dove Women

Somewhere along the way, it has become the norm to judge women based on their appearance and use their beauty against them.

In the following 90” TVC a group of women share how they shook off society’s expectations of beauty.

The campaign raised to Top of the Viral Video Chart in July '16

Each of the six
women also stars
in a content film
dedicated to their
individual story.

TVCs, Outdoor
and Press

Outdoor, POS

Unilever Brands
Pre-rolls and TVCs

Five short animations to create awareness about the way Unilever’s brands are changing in order to be more sustainable and ethically sourced.

Dove Women
Testimonial adverts
TVC and Press

Lux & Co.

Various POS
and press campaign.

Print and

Press and POS
for Google’s Wi-Fi
Password service in
Thailand, Indonesia
and Vietnam.

Press and
Outdoor for
mobile apps
for SEA.

Press & POS